HM Gin Gift Pack | 2 x 500ml


Our HM 2 x 500ml Gin Gift Packs make ideal gifts for any occasion or a special treat to spoil yourself. Choose any two bottles from our range of gins, you can even choose two of the same style of gin if that’s what you’d like best. This HM Gin Gift Pack includes complimentary HM Gin coasters and garnishes.


The best part of our HM Gin Gift Pack – 2 x 500ml is your get to pick the two HM Gin’s you want to include. They can be two of the same or pick your fav’s.

HM No 1 Rare Dry Gin
Bright and refreshing this classic London Dry style is the gin for all the gin lovers. On the nose hints of citrus and spice over a well-balanced juniper base leaving a smooth finish on the palette.
HM No 2 Woodcutter Gin
The Woodcutter is a unique gin that boldly stands on its own. It is distilled using locally grown lemon and limes backed by notes of lemon myrtle. Medium toasted French oak spirals balances the botanicals creating the Woodcutters smooth caramel finish and honey like colour.
No 3 Blushing Pink Gin
Simply crafted to showcase fresh berries. On the nose you will smell a sweet blend of fresh raspberries and strawberries over a dry juniper base. Delicate to taste with a balanced finish.
No 4 The Twist Gin
Fresh citrus notes of lemon and lime with a punchy juniper base. Undertones of coriander and oris root create a smooth finish. We crafted this gin to be zesty and vibrant and The Twist Gin has that in spades.
No 5 Orange Squeeze Gin
Commanding navel orange aroma and flavour backed by a double dose of juniper. Incredibly smooth on the palette with a subtle hint of spice from the cinnamon. This crowd pleaser is our number one selling one. There are so many ways to enjoy our range of gins, check out our cocktail recipe collection here.
Anise Gin
Subtle aniseed flavour and aroma with a smooth warming finish derived form the predominate botanicals of star anise and anise myrtle.

2 reviews for HM Gin Gift Pack | 2 x 500ml

  1. 5 out of 5


    I purchased the Blushing Pink and the Orange Squeeze as a gift for a friend. It was delivered quickly with no issues at all. My friend tells me both gins were delicious and she would be buying more herself and highly recommended them both. I will also be purchasing some for myself – just to make sure!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I’m the friend! They both gins were delicious. When they were delivered I was having lunch so opened the pink gin and it was great with lunch. The orange squeeze great on a sunny afternoon! Thanks Seainin and thanks HM!

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