Gin & Tonic Gift Box


Spoil your friends, family or yourself with a HM Gin and Tonic Gin Gift Box. Make the perfect G & T with this gin gift box that includes:
– 200ml HM No 5 Orange Squeeze Gin,
– 150ml Mediterranean Fever Tree tonic water,
– Garnishes


The Ultimate Gin & Tonic Gift Set

Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just to treat yourself, there’s something magical about a beautifully curated set dedicated to an incredibly popular drink combination. When you’re searching for that unique gift, it’s hard to walk past our gin and tonic gift set.

Our Gin and Tonic Gift Box gives you the right tools to make the perfect Gin & Tonic with Orange Squeeze’s bold summer flavour and juniper backing. Paired with Fever Tree’s Mediterranean tonic water, the light citrus notes will make any occasion special. 

This pack’s hero gin is our Orange Squeeze, an incredibly smooth on the palette blend with a subtle hint of cinnamon spice. As our most popular and an award winning gin, we’re sure you’ll love this as the base for any drink. 

On a warm day, use this gin for a meat and cheese board, a perfect combination of salty and earthy flavours to bring out the citrus undertones. 

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Exploring new flavours

For those unacquainted with HM Gin, pair a gin and tonic gift setwith our 3 x 200ml Gin Gift Pack offering an introduction to our delectable range of Australian Gins. Fully customisable, this pack is perfect for anyone looking to expand their palate with three gins, from the award-winning Rare Dry to the sweet Blushing Pink gin. 

Not just a bottle and mixers, a gin and tonic gift setis a curated experience, and if you enjoy experimenting, we leave room to mix and match flavours.

Shop now, and let the captivating journey of gin discovery unfold with each sip and pour. 

Why a gift set?

A DIY gin and tonic gift set is an opportunity to become your own master bartender. Tweak and perfect with garnishes and styles like the ones you’ll find in our 2 x 500ml Gin Gift Pack, the best choice if you know which flavours you connect with already. 

For those who love a touch of creativity, our DIY gin and tonic gift setprovides an avenue to mix and match, crafting a drink that’s uniquely theirs. Do you feel like adding your own twist to a gin classic? Our flavours and garnishes allow you to make your own recipes, or follow our tried and true selections. 

With free shipping on all orders over $100, finding personalised gifts has never been easier. Whether you’re on the hunt for a gin and tonic gift set to surprise a special someone or aiming to indulge in a DIY gin and tonic gift set for those cosy evenings at home, Hillmartin ensures you get the best value. 

The Hillmartin Difference

Our gin-making passion isn’t confined to our distillery walls. We’re committed to upholding the quality of our gins, and with each gin, you experience the craft, love, and spirited fun that is the essence of Hillmartin Distillery. This dedication ensures that every gin and tonic gift set we produce embodies the Hillmartin passion for quality gin.

By focusing on locally sourced ingredients and classic flavours, we’re able to make our gin and tonic gift sets uniquely Australian. The result? A sip that’s reminiscent of Australia’s rich landscapes and vibrant culture.

Delve into our curated selection of Australian gin and tonic gift sets, each crafted with precision and care. With every Hillmartin Distillery gift set, celebrate the significance of life’s milestones.

Every gin enthusiast is in for a treat with HM Gin’s extensive range. Whether you prefer our diverse three-bottle gift pack or the larger  2 x 500ml Gift Pack, we’ve got something for every gin lover. 

Enhancing your gin experience

When it comes to parties, summer barbeques or date nights, ourgin and tonic gift setsare an instant crowd favourite. The perfect pairing can elevate an ordinary meal to a full experience, and with customisable gin packs, you can pick and choose what flavours you want to highlight.

Don’t wait – explore the world of gin with Hillmartin’s curated gin and tonic gift packs, in just a click.

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2 reviews for Gin & Tonic Gift Box

  1. 5 out of 5


    These boxes look just fabulous, thank you so much. We are excited to gift them.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Brilliant gift and the team made getting it delivered super easy. Thanks for the help and making awesome gin. Really nice presentation too.

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At Hillmartin Distillery we are a father daughter duo with a shared passion for producing high quality craft spirits. We started as a lockdown hobby in 2020 and have since gone on to be awarded Australia’s best London Dry Gin at the World Gin Awards in 2023.

Being a father daughter duo we have a unique dynamic that helps us get the best out of one another. Our mission is to craft great tasting spirits that are full in flavour and smooth to taste, over ice or mixed.

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