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HM Seven Spice Chai Gin

$70.00  per bottle

HM Seven Spice Chai Gin

$70.00  per bottle

Awarded Gold & country winner for the best Contemporary Style Gin, World Gin Awards 2024

HM Seven Spice Chai Gin is an irresistible blend of seven exotic spices, juniper berries and locally produced honey.

Big and bold in flavour, it is unlike any other gin you’ve tasted before. The addition of honey creates a creamy mouthfeel that balances the medley of spices, delivering HM Gin’s signature smooth finish.

Best served with ginger ale, on the rocks or as a Dirty Chai Martini.

Natural ingredients
Gluten free

Amy’s Navy Strength Gin


Introducing Amy’s Navy Strength Gin, a gin that commands your attention.

The two key botanicals of Amy’s Navy Strength are ruby red grapefruit and vanilla bean. Complementary botanicals as the ruby red grapefruit delivers a refreshing citrus taste whilst the vanilla cuts through the sharpness of the grapefruit for a creamy smooth finish.

After distillation, we allow the gin to rest for eight weeks, allowing flavours to intertwine and deepen, resulting in a harmonious blend.

Our first batch of Amy’s Navy Strength is incredibly limited with less than 50 bottles produced.

Barrel Aged Orange Squeeze Gin


If you are whisky drinker than this is the gin for you. We dared to break the mold with HM Barrelled Orange Squeeze Gin by opting to use our contemporary Orange Squeeze Gin over the classic London Dry Gin traditionally used in barrel aged gins.

Bottled at a bold 50.7% ABV, it boasts a golden appearance, promising an adventure in every sip. On the nose, zesty citrus, with hints of vanilla, oak, cinnamon, and pepper.

Dry on the palette with flavours of juniper, navel orange, spice, vanilla, smoky oak and a whisky style finish. The finish is well balanced, smooth and leaves you with a lingering warmth.

Extremely small batch with only 66 bottles produced.

HM Hot Cross Bun GinHM Hot Cross Bun Gin

Hot Cross Bun Gin

$58.00  per bottle

Hot Cross Bun Gin

$58.00  per bottle

HM Hot Cross Bun Gin is back in 2024 delivering all the flavours of a traditional Hot Cross Bun with every sip. Your perfect companion to crafting delicious cocktails or can simply be enjoyed with a variety of mixers such as tonic water, ginger ale or dark cola.

Limited release of 140 bottles, act fast and order before they’re all gone.

Vegan and gluten-free | ABV 43%

HM Anise Gin

$26.00$65.00  per bottle

HM Anise Gin

$26.00$65.00  per bottle

Subtle aniseed flavour and aroma with a smooth warming finish derived form the predominate botanicals of star anise and anise myrtle.


$65.00  per bottle

With our friends at FIVE Vineyard, we have collaborated to produce HM 2024 Pinot Noir Gin. A gin made for all the red wine and gin lovers who can’t decide what to drink – why not have both.
Five Vineyard Pinot Noir grapes are single vineyard and handpicked, ensuring only the highest quality. For 8 weeks these grapes are macerated in our Award-winning London Dry Gin, HM Rare Dry.

HM 2024 Pinot Noir Gin is juniper-forward and boasts rich notes of raspberry, cherry and spice. Sweet on the palate with a warming finish that stays with you.

Pre-order now to be one of the first to experience this limited release gin.

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