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Calling all connoisseurs and first-timers: Hillmartin Distillery’s signature Pinot Noir Gin is here.

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We’ve included the best parts of a classic pinot noir red wine with the best elements of your favourite gin. What we’ve created is elegant, aromatic and a little irresistible.

Shop Pinot Noir Gin online here at Hillmartin Distillery. Buy a collection of bottles to see which you like best. Try it and never look back.

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Wine or gin? Luckily, we no longer have to choose.

Our Pinot Noir Gin is an exquisite display of the best of both worlds. The boldness of a red meets the refreshing nature of a London dry gin, with outstanding results.

We’ve chosen only the best Victorian Pinot Noir grapes for this bottle, meaning it’s a red wine gin with a uniquely Australian character.

Give it a go today and see what you think. Our bet is that you won’t be disappointed.

Our Best Pinot Noir Gin Selections

Try our signature Pinot Noir Gin today. Browse the HM Gin catalogue for even more iconic gin products from Australia’s #1 up-and-coming gin distiller.

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Buy Pinot Noir Gin online, right here at Hillmartin. Order now and have your products delivered to your door. While you’re at it, check out our other products via our catalogue, and add another couple to your order.

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$65.00  per bottle

With our friends at FIVE Vineyard, we have collaborated to produce HM 2024 Pinot Noir Gin. A gin made for all the red wine and gin lovers who can’t decide what to drink – why not have both.
Five Vineyard Pinot Noir grapes are single vineyard and handpicked, ensuring only the highest quality. For 8 weeks these grapes are macerated in our Award-winning London Dry Gin, HM Rare Dry.

HM 2024 Pinot Noir Gin is juniper-forward and boasts rich notes of raspberry, cherry and spice. Sweet on the palate with a warming finish that stays with you.

Pre-order now to be one of the first to experience this limited release gin.

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