Pink Gin Gift Packs

Are you searching for the perfect present for the gin lover in your life? Look no further than Hillmartin’s range of pink gin gift sets that make gifting a breeze. 

Leave a lasting impression and really make anyone feel special with a present that’s as unique as the person you’re celebrating.

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What Makes Our Pink Gin Gift Set Special?

The Blushing Pink Gin is a symphony of fresh strawberries, raspberries, and juniper. Mix this with the highest purity alcohol available in Australia and Juniper berries sourced from Hungary, you have our fresh and summery berry gin.

The HM Gin difference lies in the hands of our head distiller, Gavin Shaw. Using his Applied Chemistry expertise to craft gins, each pink gin gift set is a nod to our commitment to quality and flavour.

Ready to embark on a flavorful journey? Visit our Gin Gift Packs page to explore our exquisite range of Australian pink gin gift sets. 

Pink Gin Gift Set Australia: Ideal for Any Occasion

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just because, our pink gin gift sets are perfect for any event. These sets are more than gifts; they’re a journey into the delightful world of gin, crafted with passion and precision.

No matter the event, a pink gin gift set from HM Gin is a versatile and thoughtful choice, these sets are far from ordinary.

With free shipping on all orders over $100, it’s a no-brainer to choose HM Gin’s proudly Australian pink gin gift sets for any celebration, big or small. 

Family-Crafted with Love

As a father daughter duo, we infuse family values into every bottle. Our pink gin gift sets aren’t just products; they’re an extension of our family, crafted to create and share memories. This unique approach to distillation is what sets our pink gin gift sets apart—they’re extensions of our family’s legacy.

Quality Ingredients 

Every gin’s journey begins with selecting the highest quality ingredients, and our Blushing Pink gin is no exception. The distillation process is where our family values truly shine. We meticulously distil our gin with love and attention, enhancing the gin’s character along the way. 

Indulge in quality, and experience the difference of hand crafted gin. 

How to Enjoy Our Pink Gin

Our Blushing Pink Gin is versatile and pairs well with various mixers. Whether enjoyed neat over ice or with an aromatic tonic, it promises a memorable experience.

A pink gin gift set is a welcome excuse to try our Pink Fizz cocktail recipe to kick start your weekend the right way. Ideal for those special gatherings or a relaxing evening, it ensures each sip is a journey through exquisite taste and quality.

If you’re after a simpler concoction, pair with a grapefruit soda to bring out Blushing Pink’s fruity tones, along with a fresh lemon slice and ice. Want to really explore the flavour? Try over ice or neat to get the most out of the experience. 

To explore more ways to enjoy this delightful gin, visit our gin gift packs for inspiration or check out our full range of offerings at Hillmartin Distillery.

Try Our Pink Gin Gift Sets Today

Every pink gin gift set we create is an invitation to be part of our family and to make lasting traditions. With each sip, you’re not just enjoying a premium gin; you’re becoming part of a story that began over a long lunch and grew into a passion for gin making.

Choose Hillmartin Distillery and take the hard work out of finding an Australian pink gin gift set sure to delight gin fanatics and rookies alike!

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HM Gin Mothers Day Gin Gift Pack


Spoil your favourite this Mother’s Day with one of our Mother’s Day Gin Gift Packs. We’ve designed each gin gift pack so that you can spoil your special someone no matter the budget. Both our Mother’s Day gin packs include products that have been sourced from local Melbourne based businesses.

Choose between our $45 Mum’s Classic Gin Pack or our $80 Indulgent Mother’s Day Gin Pack.

– If you prefer a different HM Gin included, let us know in the comments of your order.
– We can also accommodate personalised messages in the pack, include your message to comments as well.

HM Gin Gift Pack | 3 x 200ml


Our HM Gin Gift Packs are ideal for any occasion and the best part is you get to choose the three gins you want to include. That could be 3 bottles of the one style or pick your three fav’s.

The pack also includes HM Gin coasters and accompanying garnishes.

HM Gin Gift Pack | 2 x 500ml


Our HM 2 x 500ml Gin Gift Packs make ideal gifts for any occasion or a special treat to spoil yourself. Choose any two bottles from our range of gins, you can even choose two of the same style of gin if that’s what you’d like best. This HM Gin Gift Pack includes complimentary HM Gin coasters and garnishes.

Ultimate Christmas Gin Gift Pack


Spoil your friends and family this Christmas with the Ultimate Christmas Gin Gift pack. We’ve designed this Christmas Gin Gift Pack to include our most popular gins and some accompaniment to craft the perfect cocktail this holiday season.

Included in the Ultimate Christmas Gin Gift Pack:
– 200ml bottles of HM No 1 Rare Dry Gin, HM No 3 Blushing Pink Gin and HM No 5 Orange Squeeze Gin
– 2 x 150ml Fever tree Mediterranean tonic
– Garnish pack

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