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The Twist Gin & Citrus Gin

Never heard of citrus gins? Don’t we have something in store for you.

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We have two knockout citrus gins: our lemon and lime The Twist Gin and our orangey Orange gin. To anybody who says they love citrus: these are the drinks you’ve been waiting for.

Read on. Buy one (or three) of each. Share them with friends and family. We know you’ll love them.

Lemon Gin

Let us tickle your tastebuds. In our bottle of The Twist Gin, juniper berry meets coriander meets fresh lemons and limes to deliver up all your favourite earthy citrus notes. Delicate savoury flavours, like anise and lemon myrtle, nourish the classic juniper backbone with style.

Orange Gin

There’s a reason our Orange Squeeze Gin won an award at the 2022 International Gin Awards in London. With double the amount of juniper berries, plus coriander seeds, cinnamon, cassia sticks, locally-grown lemon and anise myrtles and an abundance of fresh Australian Navel Oranges, this Orange Gin is packed full of your favourite flavours.

Try The Best Citrus Gin Australia has to offer

Buy a bottle of one of our Citrus Gins today. Whether you’re a fan of Lemon Gin, Orange Gin or zesty fruits in general, you’re bound to love what we’ve come up with.

Explore our online store foreven more HM Gins and find the flavour profile which works perfectly for you.

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People Also Ask

What is citrus gin? lemon gin?

A citrus gin is a type of gin which is distilled using the base alcohol, botanicals (including fresh citrus fruits that create those much-loved citrusey flavours). You can make an orange gin, lemon gin, lime gin, and a range of other citrus-based gins which combine multiple citrus fruits into one.
One of our most popular citrus gins is The Twist gin, which makes use of the zesty, delectable flavours of lemon and lime.

Is orange gin nice?

Orange gins are simply delicious. They can be enjoyed neat, over ice, or as a cocktail. We recommend serving our Orange Squeeze gin in a negroni or as a Spritz.

Orange Gin – Testimonials & Reviews

“Oh man! We are loving this gin (maybe a bit too much 🤭 plus the excitement of the Friday vibe).

What makes us happy is the opportunity to collab with Australian Makers, Distillers, Brewers, Creators and Sippers (can’t forget the fans 🙌)

One of those distillers is Hillmartin Distillery who makes this incredible Orange Squeeze Gin. It’s so refreshing, beautifully orangey (is that even a word? 🤷🏽‍♀️)”

@ausbotanicals, Instagram

“As you all know I am a #whiskey man but the guys from @hillmartingin in the #Melbourne suburbs are knocking out some cracking gins.

None better than their No. 5 Orange Squeeze which won a bronze award at the 2022 world gin awards.

Proud to call them personal friends and please have a look at their gins – esp my Aussie followers!”

@bourbon_castle, Instagram


For this G&T I wanted to create a different profile while still working with oranges 🍊 The charred orange adds a delicious, warm, smokey flavour with a little bit of sweetness that is perfectly complemented by the earthy sweet tones of the cinnamon quill. Combined with HM Orange Squeeze Gin and CAPI Dry Tonic, this serve creates a delicious flavour profile that is perfect for these Autumn days 🍂”

@gin.andchronicles, Instagram

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HM No 5 Orange Squeeze Gin

$26.00$65.00  per bottle

HM No 5 Orange Squeeze Gin

$26.00$65.00  per bottle

Awarded Silver at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2022.

Commanding navel orange flavour and aroma under pinned with a double dose of juniper berries. Incredibly smooth on the palette with a subtle hint of spice. This award winner is a crowd pleaser and our number one selling gin.

HM Citrus Gin Gift Pack

$75.00 per pack

Spoil your friends and family with a HM Citrus Gin Gift Pack. We’ve designed this citrus gin gift pack for all the citrus gin lovers out there.

The gin gift pack includes 200ml bottles of:
Woodcutter Gin, The Twist Gin and our best selling Orange Squeeze Gin.

HM No 4 The Twist Gin

$26.00$65.00  per bottle

HM No 4 The Twist Gin

$26.00$65.00  per bottle

Fresh citrus notes of lemon and lime with a punchy juniper base. Undertones of coriander and oris root create a smooth finish. We crafted this gin to be zesty and vibrant and The Twist Gin has that in spades. Just like all our gins we think The Twist Gin is delicious over with ice or add some Mediterranean tonic with a slice of lime.

Available in 200ml and 500ml bottles.

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