Christmas Gin Gift Packs

Christmas Gin Gift Packs

If you’re in search of the perfect way to spoil your loved ones or even yourself this holiday season, look no further than Hillmartin’s Christmas gin gift packs.

No matter the budget, head over to HM Gin for a carefully designed range of gin gift packs to kick off the festive season.

Our range includes the Christmas Gin & Tonic Gift Box, The Ultimate Christmas Gin Gift Packand our fan-favourite classic Gin Gift Pack.

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Why Choose Christmas Gin Gift Packs?

Skip the last-minute shopping frenzy with our expertly curated Christmas gin packs, all beautifully packaged and ready to be gifted to the gin lover or newcomer in your life.

At Hillmartin Distillery we believe in having fun while enjoying gin, and we have created our Christmas gin packs to share that experience with you, no wrapping required! 

Shopping for a gin newbie? Our specially put-together gin Christmas packs take the guesswork out of gifting this holiday season and will have them whipping up cocktails like never before. 

Try our HM Gin Gift Pack, featuring your pick of three gins from the punchy lemon and lime Twist gin, or the warm Anise gin to get into the holiday spirit.

Explore new Gin flavours

You too can elevate your cocktails and impress loved ones with our easy-to-use Christmas gin gift packs, allowing you to experiment with various garnishes, tonics and gin flavours. From our popular Rare Dry Gin to the fresh Blushing Pink, allow your favourite festive flavours to shine through. 

A quick browse of our cocktail recipes will leave you inspired to create. A refreshing Orange Squeeze Spritz is a match made in heaven for summer, or try our twist on a classic with the Unusual Negroni. 

Why Pick HM Gin?

As a family-run and operated distillery, we know our gin Christmas packs will help create and share memories with your loved ones. That’s why we focus on creating smooth, bold and elegant gins, that are instant crowd-pleasers. 

Whether you’re looking to surprise a loved one, or want to indulge in your own festive treat, our Christmas gin packs are guaranteed to spread cheer. Our meticulous distillation process and production techniques mean that only the smoothest and highest quality flavours make it out the door, giving you the best experience possible. 

Spice up your own collection

While they make an amazing gift for friends or family, don’t neglect your own holiday treat! 

Everyone deserves their own time to shine in the holiday season, and our Christmas gin gift packs are the easiest way to treat yourself. Discover and explore our full range of specialty gin packs that promise a memorable festive season.

Creating Memories with HM Gin

Get into the holiday spirit with our Christmas gin packs, one special way to create cherished memories by sharing a drink made with love. 

No matter the taste buds, we’ve got you covered with tried and tested flavour combinations and garnishes to match the merry spirit of the holidays. For a twist on a classic, discover our Gin and Tonic gift box, including our best-selling Orange Squeeze, a crowd-pleasing orange flavour ready to grab you with juniper berries and a hint of festive spice. 

Can’t decide on one flavour? Try our Ultimate Christmas Gin Gift Pack, featuring our Rare Dry, sweet Blushing Pink and zesty Orange Squeeze. With Fever Tree tonic, CAPI grapefruit soda, garnishes, coasters and Chocolatier chocolate baubles all included.

Helping you explore new possibilities, we’re sure our quality-controlled and delicious gin Christmas packs will make any combination of drink ideas a breeze.

Start shopping today and savour the true spirit of the holidays with every sip!

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HM Gin Gift Pack | 3 x 200ml


Our HM Gin Gift Packs are ideal for any occasion and the best part is you get to choose the three gins you want to include. That could be 3 bottles of the one style or pick your three fav’s.

The pack also includes HM Gin coasters and accompanying garnishes.

Gin & Tonic Gift Box


Spoil your friends, family or yourself with a HM Gin and Tonic Gin Gift Box. Make the perfect G & T with this gin gift box that includes:
– 200ml HM No 5 Orange Squeeze Gin,
– 150ml Mediterranean Fever Tree tonic water,
– Garnishes

Ultimate Christmas Gin Gift Pack


Spoil your friends and family this Christmas with the Ultimate Christmas Gin Gift pack. We’ve designed this Christmas Gin Gift Pack to include our most popular gins and some accompaniment to craft the perfect cocktail this holiday season.

Included in the Ultimate Christmas Gin Gift Pack:
– 200ml bottles of HM No 1 Rare Dry Gin, HM No 3 Blushing Pink Gin and HM No 5 Orange Squeeze Gin
– 2 x 150ml Fever tree Mediterranean tonic
– Garnish pack

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