Anise Gin

Anise Gin

Ahhh, anise. Don’t we love it?

There’s a reason anise has been used by humans for thousands of years. Spicy and delicious, it adds a quality we just can’t get enough of.

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We mix our Anise Gin with a range of other botanicals and spices you’re sure to love. After countless hours, we like to believe we’ve perfected this blend into something you’ll enjoy just as much as we do.

Try it out today. Buy Anise Gin online from our store. Take one home for the family.

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Unlike many of our other gins, which contain citrus, the Anise Gin focuses more exclusively on the unique flavour of this beloved spice.

Star anise, coriander seeds,cassia bark and anise and lemon myrtle blend together in our Anise Gin to give it a smooth, rich complexity, without losing the spice’s central notes.

Our Best Anise Gin Selections

Find Australia’s best Anise Gin here at Hillmartin Distillery. Shop online through our online store to see which of our other gins take your fancy. If you’re keen to share, buy a Set Of 3 Gins and compare with your friends which ones you like best.

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Buy Anise Gin online from HM Gin and have it delivered to your door. Distilled perfectly with all the best flavours, we’re confident you’ll be coming back for more in no time.

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People Also Ask

Do all gins have anise in them?

The only main ingredient common to all gins is the juniper berry. Anise is a spice that is added to this gin to give it a unique flavour.

Where can I shop anise gin online in Australia?

Explore Hillmartin Distillery’s online store to find Australia’s #1 Anise Gin. Browse online and have your bottles delivered to your door.

Are aniseed gin & anise gin the same?

Aniseed is a botanical found within the gin, which gives it a mild level of spice.

The primary ingredient in gin is juniper berry, to which we add a variety of botanicals, including spices like star anise, to bring unique flavours to life.

Our Anise Gin Is Served At Licensed Premises Under The Liquor Control Act 1988 and the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998.

HM Gin – Testimonials & Reviews

“Feeling a bit fancy on a Tuesday? I thought the @hillmartingin Rare Dry Gin would be perfect in a Gibson. My only challenge, stopping the husband from eating all the cocktail pickled onions!

2.5oz @hillmartingin Rare Dry Gin
1/2oz @vermouthdolin Dry Vermouth
Stir with ice
Pour gracefully into pretty coup from @kimuraglass_asia
Garnish with 3 pickled onions
Drink like you is fancy

@gccocktaillove, Instagram

“I got my hands on a couple more @hillmartingin gins. Now I have the HM No.2 Woodcutter, which I’m enjoying with @fevertreeaustralia spiced orange ginger ale, HM No.5 Orange Squeeze with Mediterranean tonic and HM No.3 Blushing Pink with Mediterranean tonic. They are going down a treat. So glad I finally got around to buying @hillmartingin gin!! I also picked up a bottle of @nbdistillingco Christmas Pudding gin with I’m also enjoying with the spiced orange ginger ale. Picked that one up at the @thecraftandco Xmas gin market. Safe to say I don’t need any presents under the tree this year. 😉🍸”

@joettes.cocktail.lounge, Instagram


For this G&T I wanted to create a different profile while still working with oranges 🍊 The charred orange adds a delicious, warm, smokey flavour with a little bit of sweetness that is perfectly complemented by the earthy sweet tones of the cinnamon quill. Combined with HM Orange Squeeze Gin and CAPI Dry Tonic, this serve creates a delicious flavour profile that is perfect for these Autumn days 🍂”

@gin.andchronicles, Instagram

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HM Anise Gin

$26.00$65.00  per bottle

HM Anise Gin

$26.00$65.00  per bottle

Subtle aniseed flavour and aroma with a smooth warming finish derived form the predominate botanicals of star anise and anise myrtle.

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