Speciality gin cocktails

Welcome to the world of specialty gin cocktails, where we embark on a delightful journey filled with unique flavours, creative concoctions, and endless fun.  Gin, a timeless spirit, has captured the hearts of cocktail enthusiasts worldwide, but today, we’re diving into the realm of specialty gins that push the boundaries of tradition. Join us as we shake, stir, and sip our way through a collection of playfully crafted specialty gin cocktails recipes that are sure to add a touch of magic to your glass. 

Get ready to indulge in a wickedly delightful specialty gin cocktail that will leave you craving for more – the Dirty Chai Martini! This mischievous blend of rich espresso, fragrant chai spices, and a cheeky kick of gin is a party in a glass. It’s the perfect fusion of caffeine and cocktails, delivering a jolt of fun and a touch of sass with every sip. Cheers to a drink that knows how to have a good time!

Recommend HM Gin: HM Seven Spice Chai Gin

Dirty Chai Gin Martini cocktail recipe

Elevate your gin and tonic game with a simple twist on the classic. The perfect blend of rich refreshing flavours, with the additional fresh oranges and the subtle hint of dill with each sip it’ll leave you wanting more.

Recommend HM Gin: HM Pinot Noir Gin

We love a gin spritz at HM Gin and this specialty gin cocktail recipe was designed to showcase all the traditional hot cross bun flavours of our HM Hot Cross Bun Gin as a spritz cocktail.

In this specialty gin drink, we’ve combined the sweet citrus
notes of Cointreau to elevate the HM Hot Cross Bun Gin, while the dryness of
Prosecco works harmoniously to balance all the flavors. The result is a Hot
Cross Bun Gin Spritz that is both refreshing and deeply satisfying. It’s the
perfect libation to raise a toast over Easter or anytime of year.

Recommend HM Gin: HM Hot Cross Bun Gin

Introducing a delightfully sweet and tangy libation that effortlessly comes together with just five simple ingredients. Our spotlight shines on the remarkable HM Pinot Noir Gin, the true star of this specialty cocktail recipe that is sure to impress. With its easy preparation, you can enjoy this exquisite Pinot Noir Gin cocktail in the comfort of your own home. Savor it as a short, concentrated delight or elevate it to a refreshing longer drink by adding a splash of soda water.

Recommend HM Gin: HM Pinot Noir Gin

At HM Gin, we take pride in crafting specialty gin cocktail recipes that are simply irresistible. Among our repertoire, one gem stands out as a year-round delight: the Gin Mule. This delightful concoction, inspired by the classic Moscow Mule, receives a distinctive twist when prepared with our signature HM Woodcutter Gin. With its unique botanical blend, our Woodcutter Gin adds a touch of enchantment to this timeless favorite. Whether it’s a balmy summer day or a cozy winter evening, the Gin Mule shines as a versatile companion.

Recommended HM Gin: HM Woodcutter Gin


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