{ Pinot noir GIN Cocktail RECIPES }

Explore our collection of Pinot Noir gin cocktail recipes that are simple to make at home. This collection of Pinot Noir gin cocktail recipes showcases the rich complex flavour of our HM Pinot Noir gin. Made with only the finest single vineyard Victorian Pinot Noir grapes, handpicked from Five Vineyard in Mernda.


Elevate your gin and tonic game with a simple twist on the classic.

HM Pinot Noir Gin

A deliciously sweet and our cocktail that only needs 5 ingredients

More ways to enjoy HM Pinot Noir Gin

30ml HM Pinot Noir Gin
30ml Fresh lime juice
30ml Apricot brandy

1. To a cocktail with ice add all your ingredients and shake
2. Garnish with a lime twist

With a juniper-forward profile, this gin boasts bold notes of Pinot Noir grapes that tantalise your taste buds with each sip. The smooth and sweet finish will leave you craving more.
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