Hot Cross Bun Gin Fizz Cocktail Recipe

{hot cross bun gin fizz}

The Hot Cross Bun Gin Fizz cocktail recipe offers a creative twist on the classic Gin Fizz, providing an innovative, refreshing and flavour-packed experience. The combination of warming spices, apple juice and a bit of fizz will leave your taste buds wanting more.  This Hot Cross Bun Gin Fizz cocktail recipe is the ideal choice for a celebratory toast over the Easter season.aa

Hot Cross Bun Gin Fizz Cocktail Recipe


60ml HM Hot Cross Bun Gin
20ml Lemon juice
30ml Freshly squeezed or cloudy apple juice
Top with ginger ale
Apple slice to garnish


1. To a cocktail shaker with ice combine all your ingredients except ginger beer/ale. Shake for 30 seconds. 

2. To a chilled Collins glass add ice and strain shaken ingredients into the glass.
3. Top with ginger ale and garnish. 

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