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Explore our range of HM Gin cocktail recipes. Each gin cocktail recipe has been carefully curated and of course taste tested to showcase our gins flavour profile. From the classics, fruity favourites and party starters, we have a gin cocktail recipe to match every occasion.


An Easter twist on the classic Gin Fizz cocktail recipe, made with HM Hot Cross Bun Gin.

Hot Cross Bun Gin Fizz Cocktail Recipe

A take on the classic Rickey cocktail. The addition of kaffir lime dials up the citrus for a punchy refreshing cocktail.

Based on the classic Aviation recipe, creme de violette is swapped for strawberries.

This cocktail recipe doesn’t need much of an intro. It’s hard to stop at just one

The fresh lemon & lime flavour of our Woodcutter Gin perfectly balances the combination of ginger & mint a Moscow Mule is famous for.

Classic gin sour cocktail made with HM Blushing Pink Gin, raspberry syrup and an egg white.

The Floradora Gin cocktail is a refreshing raspberry and lime twist on the classic Buck cocktail.

 A festive sparkling blend of Rare Dry Gin, zesty lime, and luscious strawberries. 

With the Woodcutter’s caramel oak finish it’s our favourite gin to mix a Old Fashioned with.

A elevate your gin and tonic game with  this simple twist on a classic.

If summer was a cocktail this is what it would taste like.  The Orange Squeeze Sprits is a refreshing crowd pleaser.

A classic cocktail from the 1920’s made with our HM No 1 Rare Dry Gin. Try all three variations that we recommend. 

Made with HM Blushing Pink Gin, this Pink Gin Spritz cocktail recipe is a blend of deliciously fruity flavour.

A bittersweet cocktail combining gin, Sampari, Cointreau and lemon juice.

A class gin cocktail made with gin, fresh lime, mint and bitters.

Passionfruit and our HM Orange Squeeze Gin make the perfect combination. 

A bright and delicious take on the classic negroni that is full of flavour.

Our oaky Woodcutter gin, mixed with ginger and lime – need we say more?

A refreshing blend of muddled fresh strawberries and mint, paired with our Blushing Pink Gin.

Feeling experimental, this gin fizz made with fresh grapefruit juice is for you.

The citrus flavour of Cointreau with the dryness of Prosecco and our HM Hot Cross Bun Gin.

Enjoy a classic gin cocktail, made with our HM Signature Gin.

Enjoy all the flavours of a traditional hot cross bun and more with this cocktail.

 All about freshness, this long cocktail celebrates elderflower & apple.

There is no better way to celebrate the holiday season than with this deliciously fruity Christmas punch.

Festive twist on a classic G&T, mixing cinnamon & orange showcasing our HM Rare Dry Gin.

Refreshing summer cocktail combining the zesty flavours of orange and lime.

Our HM Rare Dry Gin is the star of this classic gin martini recipe.

Balanced and deliciously fresh to taste, based on a classic gimlet but with a twist.

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