Everything to know about flavoured gin

At HM Gin we are big lovers of contemporary flavoured gins, as you can tell by our wide range of gins that include some the best flavoured gins in Australia.

So what are flavoured gins?

When making flavoured gins the world is pretty much the Distillers’ oyster. Juniper berries are still the key botanical used as without juniper it cannot be considered gin, however a Distiller can choose whatever botanicals they like to produce the flavour profile that they desire. Unlike a London Dry Gin where the flavour must solely come from the distillation process, a flavoured gin may get its flavour through distillation and from any other processes that are used post distillation.

Common ways flavour is incorporated post distillation to create a flavoured gin:


Maceration could either be soaking some or all, of the botanicals in the base spirit prior to the distillation run or soaking, botanicals in the gin post distillation.

For HM Pinot Noir Gin we macerated Pinot Noir Grapes with our HM Rare Dry Gin. This gave the gin it’s Pinot Noir infused flavour and colour.

Flavoured gins

Barrell aging

Post distillation distiller’s will store their chosen gin in barrels to add additional flavour and colour. Often whiskey, wine or even sherry barrels are used.

To craft HM Woodcutter Gin, medium toasted French oak spirals are immersed, in the distilled gin. This gives the gin its adds a caramel oak finish.

Flavoured gins Australia

Adding additional flavour

Adding additional flavour might be in the form of a syrups, fruits or anything that holds a flavour.

For example, for our HM Seven Spice Chai Gin we add honey to the gin post distillation.

Best flavoured gins

Are all flavoured gins sweet?

No, not all flavoured gins are sweet which can sometimes be a misconception about them. It really comes down to the botanicals used to craft a specific gin. As mentioned above some gins are aged in wooden barrels for a period of time, often this creates more of a whisky flavour than a sweetness.

The HM Gin range of flavoured Australian gins

We love flavour at HM Gin so nearly all of our gins, with the exception of our HM Rare Dry Gin would be considered a flavoured gin. We believe we have crafted some of the best flavoured gins in Australia.

Post distillation, medium toasted French oak spirals are immersed in the distilled gin, giving the Woodcutter it’s caramel oak finish and honey like colour.

Distilled with an abundance of fresh strawberries and raspberries. Post distillation the syrup of more berries are added providing extra berry flavour and colour.

This flavoured gin gets all its flavour from being distilled with fresh lemons and limes. 

Orange Squeeze is our number one selling Australian flavoured gin. Distilled, with fresh Australian navel oranges in both the still’s pot and botanical basket.

This limited release flavoured gin is distilled with a blend of seven chai spices and juniper. Post distillation, honey is added for a smooth and sweet finish.

Subtle aniseed flavour derived from the predominant botanicals of star anise and anise myrtle. This flavoured gin is warming and irresistibly smooth.

Hand crafted by steeping hand picked single vineyard Victorian Pinot Noir grapes with HM No 6 Rare Dry Gin.

A seasonal flavoured gin distilled with botanicals such as nutmeg, cinnamon, all spice and sultanas and raisins. Medium toasted French oak spirals are immersed in the gin post distillation.

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