Where to buy Campari for $5

I was shocked on a recent trip to Argentina how much more Australian’s are paying for spirits.

I recently returned home from a once in a lifetime trip to Argentina. A beautiful country with picturesque landscapes, passionate people and of course rising inflation.

Since entering the alcohol industry, I have gained an understanding of the many issues that we face. The biggest one being the high tax rate on spirits within Australia.

We’ve all probably noticed it on overseas holidays when you enter a shop to buy alcohol and you’re staggered at how cheap it is when compared to Australia.

The first photo I sent to my friends when arriving in Argentina wasn’t a picture of me next to a landmark or eating asado, it was the picture of a supermarket shelf showing a bottle of Campari for $5 (USD) and Aperol for the costly price of $5.30 (USD). A 700ml bottle of Beefeater Gin was also a costly $12.60 (USD).

When I looked on Dan Murphy’s website today that same bottle of Campari will set you back $44.95 (AUD), Aperol $30.95 (AUD) and Beefeater $49.95 (AUD).

That’s roughly a 500% difference in price for the same product!!!!

Australian spirits tax
The photo I sent to my friends

Australia has the third highest tax on spirits in the world only behind Iceland and Norway. Currently excise tax on spirits is $100.05 per pure litre of alcohol and will increase again in February as it increases every six months indexed to CPI.

Interestingly spirits are taxed at more than double the tax rate of beer – and four times more that of wine. This to me seems like a lop sided approach by the Australian government.

Personally, in Australia I think we are used to paying more for things without a second thought.  We live in a relatively safe and stable country and with that comes some additional cost but on this most recent trip it really hit me how much more we are paying for comparable products.

Tax’s like this are crippling growing spirit producers and at the end of the day we as consumers are paying for it at the checkout. 

Amy Shaw

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